Realist Derrida

Interesting (relatively) new book on Derrida by Michael Marder called The Event of the Thing: Derrida’s Post-Deconstructive Realism. You can read some of it through Google Books. It’s short and despite somewhat mouthful-sounding chapter and sub-chapter titles, it looks interesting.


6 thoughts on “Realist Derrida

  1. Interesting…mouthful sounding styles all around, if the above snippet is any indication. I mean, any time one can use the words fugal and iteration in a sentence that began with “in other words,” is truly awesome. I know that sounds snide, but I think I mean it…

      • A lot do try and emulate his style. Usually I don’t think they pull it off. (I’ve not read the above) I prefer when people write in their own style. Lawlor wrote a great book on Derrida and Husserl that is great without a feeble attempt to ape Derrida’s middle period.

      • I don’t know if Lawlor is a good example, his “late” work (This Is Not Sufficient) is a horrible example of Derridaese – I really hope he goes back to writing books about philosophers, as he is really good at it, as you point out.

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