Howard Dean!

I met the man once, he was in his socks (cowboy boots offered to him as a present were too tight) in the backyard of the house giving an impromptu speech at a BBQ. Yes, I have photographic proof – in any case, I found Dean’s recent characterization of the “health care reform” as “hocus pocus reform” to be quite precise:

Howard Dean proved long ago that he marches to the beat of his own conscience. Neither personal attacks nor appeals to party — nor mockery voiced by Washington’s media establishment — will move him when he thinks he is right. So despite a barrage of harsh reaction from the mainstream press, liberal politicians and interest groups and the White House itself, the former DNC chairman remains unswerving in his opposition to the Senate Democrats’ healthcare bill.

1 thought on “Howard Dean!

  1. Good for Howard. He’s an MD, which surely accounts for his anti-insurance reflex: get off our backs so we can do our job without the unnecessary overhead, etc. However, it’s about a break-even between the discounted fees for doctors, hospitals, etc. that the insurers negotiate for policyholders versus the admin fees they charge. Insurers are the only sector in healthcare with the financial incentive actually to reduce utilization and costs.

    Medicare — which acts in effect as a government-owned insurer — drives even tougher price bargains with doctors and hospitals and pharmas than do the private insurers. Plus Medicare reimburses doctors based on patient diagnosis rather than services rendered, which shifts financial incentives away from delivering more care for its own sake. Plus Medicare’s admin costs are lower. No wonder insurers and providers alike don’t want the public option expanded.

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