Another Boring Announcement: BSA Essay Prize


The British Society of Aesthetics is running an essay prize competition, open to early-career researchers in aesthetics. The winning author will receive £500 and an opportunity to present the paper at the Society’s annual conference. The winning essay will normally be published in the British Journal of Aesthetics.

The regulations for the competition are as follows:

i) Aim.
The aim of the prize is to encourage and reward new talent in the field of aesthetics.

ii) Amount.
The amount of the Prize is £500.

iii) Deadline.
The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2010.

iv) Eligibility.
The Prize is intended to foster the development of the field of aesthetics. The competition is open to anyone who has not been employed as lecturer (or equivalent) at a higher education institution for more than five years. Persons in doubt about their qualifications are encouraged to consult the secretary of the British Society of Aesthetics in advance. Entrants must include with their entry a statement indicating how they qualify. Entry is not limited to members of the BSA nor to residents of the United Kingdom.

v) Essay Content and Length.

The essay may be on any topic in aesthetics or the philosophy of art. The essay should be a maximum of 7,500 words (about 25 double-spaced typed pages).

vi) Judging.
The panel of judges will comprise members of the Executive Committee of the British Society of Aesthetics and one of the Editors of the British Journal of Aesthetics. The winning essay will normally be published in the British Journal of Aesthetics, and it is a condition of entry to the Prize competition that the essay has not been (and will not be until the result of the competition are announced) submitted for publication elsewhere. If, in the opinion of the judges, no essay that merits publication in the BJA is submitted, the prize will not be awarded. The decision of the judges is final. The prize will be presented at the 2010 BSA annual conference.

vii) Presentation.
The winning author will have the opportunity to read the paper at the 2010 annual conference of the Society. If the author is an enrolled student, they will be automatically eligible for a BSA postgraduate conference subsidy. The winner’s name will be announced in the British Journal of Aesthetics.

viii) Submission Requirements.
Submissions should be clearly identified as entries for the BSA Essay Prize and be sent electronically to the Secretary of the BSA, Kathleen Stock -email: (please replace ‘AT’ with @).Entries should be in English, and should not exceed 7,500 words in length (including footnotes). Each entry must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 150 words. Entries that are too long or without an abstract will not be considered. Essays should be prepared for blind review and should follow guidelines for submissions to the British Journal of Aesthetics. Each entry should contain a separate title page giving the name, institution and address of the author. Candidates should supply evidence that they are eligible for the prize. Essays will not be considered for the prize if they are currently under consideration by another journal or competition. No non-winning essay will be considered for publication in the BJA unless it has been separately submitted to that journal.

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