Zizek on Hardtalk

It’s here for 7 days, but you have to be in a certain area to watch it online. I’m sure there’s a YouTube video somewhere out there. Whoever the guy interviewing Zizek is kind of annoyingly interruptive, but Zizek needs that sort of person, otherwise he will talk forever.

I mean the interviewer’s obvious bias is quite clear – “you call yourself a Communist, but Communism sucks!” – plus in the end he ends up talking too much (at least for a Zizek-type encounter), so it’s kind of stupid, but it’s a Zizek-sighting so I must post about it.

4 thoughts on “Zizek on Hardtalk

  1. It is on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_cuMxR64t0

    The interviewer seems more nervous than anything. He is trying very hard to play some sort of contrarian role to Zizek, which is difficult since Zizek is never really interested in playing any role at all, not even the ‘philosopher’–it’s too tied up with the ‘great man’ and all that b.s.

    What is interesting is to watch how desperate Zizek has become in calling for some sort of doubt, beyond the current ubiquitous ‘Fukuyamaism’ of both Left and Right, which could take into its sites not only the rapidly failing experiments of neoliberalism, but also the ecology-as-religion which is emerging as the touchstone of current debate. If this latter position becomes permanent, he suggests, we are doomed. Agreed. But the main obstacle to this message being heard is the insipid belief in ‘choice’ drummed into people’s heads by consumerism, which has us convinced that we can choose our way out of anything. It also explains his insistence elsewhere on a ‘new, more terrifying materialism’ that would deny people this dodge.

    This is the trap, and it is closing very fast, and this explains his willingness to put up with shows like ‘Hardtalk,’ or any venue he can get on, as well as his uncharacteristic politeness here. Otherwise he might have told the interviewer to shove it.

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