Bill Moyers on Goldstone Report

Interesting and long discussion of this controversial report (but as Goldstone points out in the beginning, every one of his reports was controversial) on Bill Moyers’ Journal.


One thought on “Bill Moyers on Goldstone Report

  1. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t have a chance to watch it initially. Here’s Cohen (the better one, or did the other Cohen leave the Times? I can’t keep it straight) in the NY Times a few weeks ago talking about Bibi/Israeli political machine:

    Cut the posturing and deal with reality. This can be painful — as with Justice Richard Goldstone’s recent U.N. report finding that both Israeli forces and Palestinian militants committed possible crimes against humanity during Israel’s military operations in Gaza.

    But it’s also instructive. Goldstone is a measured man — I’ve known him a long time. The Israeli response to his findings strikes me as an example of the blinding effect of exceptionalism unbound. Ordinary nations have failings.
    The Middle East has changed. So must Israel. “Never again” is a necessary but altogether inadequate way of dealing with the modern world.

    Indeed. Bibi’s maximalism is starting to sound quaint and out of touch. Also, if you have time do read some of the comments which are for the most part a good deal of the typical idiocy and hysteria all around. Funny.

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