Claude Lévi-Strauss est mort

Sadness, yet he was 100 year old. Elliott Carter wins (he turns 101 in December). Somehow I don’t think I’m going to be rereading The Savage Mind any time soon…


3 thoughts on “Claude Lévi-Strauss est mort

  1. I’ve read a ton of L-S, but when somebody asked me to explain what he’s about, I couldn’t do it. None of it stuck. Something about pet names and not eating Mr. Whiskers. And today he’s probably not read much at all, although Tristes Tropiques and some of the introductions aren’t that hard to read. Savage Mind is not the first book I would recommend.

    • I think I used Savage Mind once in a class, but I can’t remember which one, probably something like “Philosophy of Religion”…

      He did have a “shibboleth” name – if you were cool enough, you said Levi-StrOss, if you were hoi polloi, you said LevAI-StrA-U-ss.

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