To Bike Or Not To Bike.

bikeI live about 6 miles away from campus, but on the other side of town (not quite, but certainly that’s how I imagine it).  There is a nice bike trail that goes almost all the way from where I live to campus.  I have a bicycle, I have an interest in biking to campus.  I’m not sure I have enough will though.  Walking to the train station and taking it to campus is easier and it only takes about an hour from leaving the house to entering the classroom.  If I were to bike to work, I’d have to leave slightly earlier and I’d have a new strange experience of urban bicycle commuting which has its charm but still… I’ll decide tomorrow.  It might be fun.


10 thoughts on “To Bike Or Not To Bike.

  1. I would be surprised if you didn’t find that you get there half an hour earlier than the train gets you there. I happen to sweat, gross I know, so I have to use that extra time changing. Which is lame. Good luck though and I hope you enjoy it.

    • Thanks. Actually I’m pretty sure I can get there earlier than the train, I’m just giving myself time to look around and all, plus an occasional stop for general patting on the back and self-congratulation is a must in such cases.

      • “plus an occasional stop for general patting on the back and self-congratulation is a must in such cases.”

        Honestly, I really think the self-righteousness one feels upon riding a bike is one of the few times it is called for. So, yes, stop often to self-congratulate.

    • I’m going to cite your anti-initiative mood, John, on the day of environmental judgment when asked: “Why haven’t you ever biked to work? You sinner” – “John Doyle, Sir, it’s all his fault, he was tempting me with doubts about the snow and such”

    • Frightened by your prediction of snow, I only biked a couple of miles to the next train station – snow did not come, in fact, it was a very nice day so I think I’ll go all the way tomorrow. It’s a bit cold in the morning and I’m afraid it might be dark in the evening, but since everyone’s so into it now, I must submit to the peer pressure.

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