SPEP 2009 Program

Speaking of program’s being available. SPEP 2009 program is here. Again, some interesting papers, familiar names, intriguing paper titles. There are definite sessions I would go to, if I were attending. Like this one:

Session 2: What Should We Do with Our Brain?
Georgetown Moderator: Elizabeth Rottenberg, DePaul University
Speaker: Daniel Smith, Purdue University
Speaker: Hugh Silverman, Stony Brook University
Respondent: Catherine Malabou, Université de Paris X-Nanterre

There is one person I was surprised to see on the program moderating a panel, someone who often rages against SPEP and the establishment hegemony that it represents, someone who would fight SPEP in a manly fistfight, if SPEP were a person. But then again, there’s rhetoric and there’s life, right? If we all put our money where our mouth is, we’d be out on the street, so it’s understandable that all that rage against the establishment never really translates into an actual stance on, for example, dismissing establishment or boycotting its conferences.


20 thoughts on “SPEP 2009 Program

  1. Well, we only hate the establishment if we are on the outside – I’m sure that the unnamed person you are so carefully protecting (and everyone knows who it is, of course) got a nice invitation to participate from this hated abbreviated organization and couldn’t resist. Nothing wrong with being a self-proclaimed radical and then selling out, that’s how the world works.

  2. Come on now, after much pleading he got his name included in the Wikipedia entry for Speculative Realism (!). This guy is on the way UP.

    • So sad, I feel like we are losing a comrade in our eternal fight against the establishment. I mean next time we are picketing their hated elitist buildings, he’ll be on the other side giving us dirty looks…

  3. I think that when he was banging on their walls he was banging to get in. The guy just needs an institutional hug…

    But M.E., you seem to believe in picketing buildings more than I do. I say, let them have their buildings, we have the poolhalls and racetracks.

    • True. We better help grocery workers picket their local Safeway/King Soopers for better wages and benefits. Let the academics squabble. I’m sure no one is going to miss them anyway, either on this or on that side of the imagined line between coolness and establishment.

  4. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, down with Kant!

    Up with wages
    Down with Kant
    Up with wages
    Down with Kant
    Up with wages
    Down with Kant
    Up with wages
    Down with Kant
    Up with wages
    Down with Kant
    Up with wages
    Down with Kant

  5. You’re viewing this all wrong.

    It’s Zarathustra coming down off the mountain. Or maybe the man with no name slowly ambling out of the desert (from the period when he was still filming in Italy, when Sergio Leone was still capable of making great films).

    I think maybe the dessert interpretation is better. Ever since the cleansing of the Shire (when this crowd among other assorted Orcs and such was chased out), great bits of the the OOosphere can’t help but to remind me of the bit of Coen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat”-

    “I hear that you’re building your little house deep in the desert.
    You’re living for nothing now, I hope you’re keeping some kind of record.”

    Shared monologue with true believers will tend to lead to such house building, but at least there is no worries on this second point, the dessert of the blog is, if it is anything at all, “some kind of record.”

    I, on the other hand, prefer the forest. Out in West Texas it’s way too easy to feel like a bug on a giant linoleum floor, just waiting for the shoe of God to come screaming down from the heavens. Splat!

    So yes, let us all scatter, reconvening at SPEP to make our obeisance. The big dogs there will sort it all out for us largely by putting us in our place. Some will get invited to dinner, some won’t. Some will get to talk prior to others around the smoker. Everything will be in its place. (Though if the Coen’s songs are anything to go by, for God’s sake don’t leave your spouse alone with any of those people).

    • I thought we were talking about flat world where there were no mountains?

      We don’t want to privilege a mountain over a valley, one is as good of a topographical feature as the other – your philosophy, Jon, is too mountain-oriented, you think you are so smart with your oppressive mountains looking all high and intimidating. The time of the mountains has passed!

      • Mikhail, when they-who-cannot-be-named say their ontology is flat, they clearly mean it in a metaphorical way so as to apply to all producers of dairy goods.

        And besides, you should not be against mountains per se. Mountains are just fine. Rather, you should be against the attempt to explain mountains in terms of anything else, or to explain anything else in terms of mountains. So it’s more that you should be against rationality, not mountains.

      • Oh Mikhail, it’s that singular and peculiar dedication to these sorts of topics, like mountains! and BBC Proms, that find so titillating about your perverse brand of egalitarianism (how frightfully apt a blog name, I should add!), what with its scathing wit teeming with the kind of pure jouissance elicited by your cherubic concupiscence. If only I could harness the power of your jouissance and convert it from hypertext into some sort of potent elixir, a transubstantiation from Eros into the Mind’s Eye of the Divine.

      • Bryan, I’m afraid I didn’t understand half the words in your comment, but I take all of them to be complementary to my person and therefore jouissancey.

        I’d say that when all is said and done, the awesomeness of Proms will prevail – I used to think that after the nuclear war there will be only cockroaches left, now I know that Proms will be there as well, they are forever!

  6. “There is one person I was surprised to see on the program moderating a panel, someone who often rages against SPEP and the establishment hegemony that it represents, someone who would fight SPEP in a manly fistfight, if SPEP were a person.”

    Might this specific kind of spleen be called diSPEPsia?

  7. I live right down the road, so I’ll probably attend a few sessions. I’ve attended one before, but you don’t have to buy membership or anything, do you? I don’t imagine they have bouncers or anything . . .

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