Start Your School Year Right, Read Some Marx.

Nate and some other fellars are reading themselves some Marx – I would certainly like to pitch in, but I’m a bit slow on the technological side of the matter and I’m not sure who and how will follow all the posts on all the blogs, if someone can give me a hand, I’d be happy to get right into it.

5 thoughts on “Start Your School Year Right, Read Some Marx.

  1. hi Mikhail,
    I’m also slow on the technological side. My plan is to check JCD’s and Duncan’s blogs regularly. 🙂 They both put in bits about the reading group in the column at the right of their posts. Those bits will list posts from participating blogs when the posts have “Marx” in the title. I don’t know how to put one of those at my own blog, so I’m just gonna use theirs for seeing what all gets written. Is that any clearer?
    take care,

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