Another Boring Post: New Book of Interest, Law in Crisis

Description: Taking natural disaster as the political and legal norm is uncommon. Taking a person who has become unstable and irrational during a disaster as the starting point for legal analysis is equally uncommon. Nonetheless, in Law in Crisis Ruth Miller makes the unsettling case that the law demands an ecstatic subject and that natural disaster is the endpoint to law. Developing an idiosyncratic but compelling new theory of legal and political existence, Miller challenges existing arguments that, whether valedictory or critical, have posited the rational, bounded self as the normative subject of law. By bringing a distinctive, accessible reading of contemporary political philosophy to bear on source material in several European and Middle Eastern languages, Miller constructs a cogent analysis of natural disaster and its role in modern subject formation. In the process, she opens up exciting new lines of inquiry in the fields of law, politics, and gender studies. Law in Crisis represents a promising new development in the interdisciplinary study  of law.


Law in Crisis
The Ecstatic Subject of Natural Disaster

Ruth A. Miller

2009, Available Now
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7 thoughts on “Another Boring Post: New Book of Interest, Law in Crisis

    • Huh. I didn’t even notice. In my mind, the 1001st post is more of a milestone anyway…

      Perverse Egalitarianism: A Book Report Announcement Blog.

      Though, I’m not sure why, but the “occasion” may call for some sort of retrospective, favorite moments in comments, best moments, worst moments etc.

      • True. I believe I erased about 5000 posts, so we are kicking Harman’s ass big time – I think our next move is to erase this blog completely, citing “too many good questions in the comments,” and start another identical blog, then immediately erase it and start

  1. You guys are cracking me up. For a bunch of undead Limbaughs, you’re not half-so bad.

    If you want a book report, read Harman’s Prince of Networks. He’s turned book reporting into a book making. The guy is a genius.

    oh…Zizek, Zizek, Zizek, Harman, Harman, Harman

    …just to drive up your no-doubt-slumping blog hit numbers.

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