(In)Justice Community College Style.

From today’s Inside Higher Ed, a pretty typical story of firing, not so typical of reinstatement, but little to celebrate, read until the end, an adjunct gets fired for “bad attitude” and is not reinstated:

Stephen D. Marlowe, the Edison Community College professor whose recent contract-violating layoff outraged faculty members, has been reinstated. Despite the victory, Marlowe and local union leaders express lingering dissatisfaction with the leadership of Kenneth A. Yowell, the institution’s president.

As Edison does not award tenure, a significant number of its full-time faculty members are employed with union-negotiated continuing contracts that afford them protections similar to tenure. When he was laid off in May, Marlowe — a well-liked English professor — was in the first year of a continuing contract that had already rolled over multiple times.

Marlowe and many other prominent faculty leaders suspected he was singled out for layoff because of his recent public criticism of Yowell, both in his involvement with a no-confidence vote in Yowell and as the editor of the local union’s news blog. Yowell, however, countered that Marlowe was being laid off because of a staffing imbalance between the English and math departments. He argued that it made more sense to eliminate Marlowe’s full-time English position and create another full-time mathematics position.

In either case, Marlowe’s contract, per the most recent collective bargaining agreement, stipulates that he can only be laid off for three specific reasons: financial exigency, retrenchment or program elimination. And, even though Yowell admitted both to the union and in an interview with Inside Higher Ed that the layoff violated the contract, he went ahead anyway.

Notice the excellent attitude of the president. The rest of the article is here.


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