Braver Reading Group: On Later Heidegger

As I am still working on my post on Chapter 6 (to be posted later today), I am excited to direct your attention to a post by Gary Williams on the same chapter – hopefull, since the chapter itself is basically a small book, we can incorporate as many takes on it as possible:

In this post, I want to take some time to outline the extent to which I disagree with Lee Braver’s analysis of Heidegger in chapter six of his A Thing of this World: A History of Continental Anti-Realism. The reason I have chosen this purely negative analysis is because if I included all the points on which I agreed with Braver in addition to all the points I disagree on, this would be a a rather long and boring post. By jumping straight into the areas of disagreement I have with Braver, I hope to show that according to my interpretation, early Heidegger and later Heidegger do not explicitly contradict each other but rather, only reaffirm the central philosophical insights towards which Heidegger was working at throughout his entire life.

The rest of the post is here.

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