Book Cover Appreciation Post

Fredric Jameson’s new book (coming out in September of 2009) has a pretty cool cover – I was going to post a short review or description, but then who really needs any of that stuff, just stare at this awesome cover art (I found Lenin):

3 thoughts on “Book Cover Appreciation Post

  1. Wow that is a cool cover. It’s totally Works Progress Administration mural style, though none of those were probably allowed to have Lenin on them.

    The content looks cool too. If Jameson can even marginally pull it off it’s going to be great.

  2. I read that he was in Moscow for a conference lately – Critical Theory in 21st century – and was talking about “utopia” (something like “We should be cynical in our reasoning and utopian in our willing”) so I was trying to find out if he has a book about it (he does) and came across this one. I wish it was the size of an art album, then it would be fun. I wonder who’s the artist?

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