A Thing Of This World Reading Group (Summer 2009).

UPDATE (June 2010): A review of Lee Braver’s book in NDPR can be found here.


6/7 (Sunday) – we are a week away from the launch of this reading group and I am told there are some copies of the book available at amazon.com if you are interested in joining in. If you are looking for a deal on the book, check over here to see if you can get the book a bit cheaper.

6/15 – Introduction (by Mikhail Emelianov) and Chapter 1 (by Jon Cogburn) and A Rejoinder (by Mikhail Emelianov) and A Response (by Lee Braver)

6/16 – We get a nod from Leiter Reports.

6/22 – Chapter 2: Kant’s Revolution + a short digression (by Mikhail Emelianov) and A Rejoinder (by Jon Cogburn) and A Response (by Lee Braver)

6/29 – Chapter 3: Hegel: The Truth of the Whole (by Jon Cogburn) and A Rejoinder (by Mikhail Emelianov) and A Response (by Lee Braver)

7/6 – Chapter 4: Nietzsche’s Will to Truth (by Mikhail Emelianov)

7/13 – Chapter 5: Early Heidegger: Fundamental Ontology (by Jon Cogburn) and A Rejoinder (by Mikhail Emelianov) and A Related Post (by Gary Williams)

7/20 – Chapter 6: Later Heidegger: “The Great Turning Around” (by Mikhail Emelianov) with A Rejoinder (by Gary Williams)

7/27 – Chapter 7: Foucault’s History of Truth (by Jon Cogburn) with A Rejoinder I (by John Protevi) and

8/3 – Chapter 8: Derrida.

[Original Announcement]
As already announced, on Monday (June 15th), Jon Cogburn and I will attempt something that has never been done before in the history of attempting things (or doing things in any sort of progression), i.e., we will try to read a book together and post our respective comments and observations. Please, consider this post an official invitation for you to join the fun. If you have a blog and would like to participate by posting your own observations, please let me or Jon know and we will link your post to this thread. If you don’t have a blog or you feel that the comment space is too small for your larger than life observations, comments, and so forth, feel free to email me at mikh.emelianovATgmail.com and I will post them here as well.

I am posting a linked picture of Braver’s book at the top right corner of the main page. This post will serve as a gathering post for all the posts connected to the discussion of the book so that it is easier to find all of the related discussions and so forth. Just click on the picture.

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