Dear (Hockey) Dairy II

Dear diary, 

I feel so smart these days, because I predicted that Penguins are going to the Finals in the East, they are up 3-1 against the might Canes in Game 3 and if they go up 3-0 in the series, I will be very thankful. I know you’re not Jesus or anything, but please work your diary magic. 

Chicago’s Khabibulin had a horrible 5 mins in Game 3 and I’m sorry to have seen him pulled out but I’m sure Huet is a great goalie as well, it’s the best goalie rotations in the NHL for a reason (I think). It would be nice to see the Hawks get a win tomorrow in Game 4 and even the series.



8 thoughts on “Dear (Hockey) Dairy II

  1. Nuts to find Philosophers interested in hockey. I’m a grad student in Canada, and literally no other students I bump into in my department are interested in hockey.

    Go pens.

    • There are Canadians who don’t like hockey? Get out of town! They must all be identified and publicly shamed (Chinese Cultural Revolution style).

      My predictive powers are weak these days, I did think Penguins will be in the Finals, but Hawks seems to be imploding with their goalie problems and I don’t think I will see them play in the Finals this year. I thought Huet would be fine after Khabibulin’s problems, but he was even worse – I say bring Khabibulin back…

  2. Yeah, but if it’s the Wall’s groin you’re still better off with a mediocre Huet.

    Sorry to see the Canes getting blown out, but I expect they’ll make a good push for respectability this evening and they’ve had a nice run. They’re playing too passive on D in this series, not swarming like they did in their best games earlier, but it’s hard to maintain that mental intensity when you’ve got a talent deficit night after night. Pens/Wings rematch will be fun to watch.

  3. Oilers hire Quinn and Renney! Two experienced head coaches. Seems like a good move… major buzz here in Edmonton.

    • Ya, it was quite a surprise that Pens swept. I think the Canes were a bit drained from beating all the faves, but still.

      Gives me a bit of pause as to how the Wing-Pens series will play out though. (And I’ll proudly note that I predicted that outcome a while ago!)

      Anyways, my prediction – Wings in 6 (although wouldn’t be surprised to see 7).

      • I’m hesitant to predict anything before I see the first game, but then it would be a real prediction, will it? I say Pens in 7 (because I would like that, not because it might actually happen).

  4. I’ll go out on a limb here. I think the Pens are actually a better team than the Wings right now. The Wings’ best players aren’t better than the Pens’ best players. I’d also give the nod to Fleury. I’ll take the Pens in 6.

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