Speaking of Cogito ergo doleo

From the NYTimes blog Happy Days: The Pursuit of What Matters in Troubled Times comes this article about uncertainty causing unhappiness. I know it’s no shocker, but my own depressive natures are definitely reflected in not knowing what the heck our lives are going to look like a year from right now. 

What You Don’t Know Makes You Nervous

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Seventy-six years ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took to the inaugural dais and reminded a nation that its recent troubles “concern, thank God, only material things.” In the midst of the Depression, he urged Americans to remember that “happiness lies not in the mere possession of money” and to recognize “the falsity of material wealth as the standard of success.”

“The only thing we have to fear,” he claimed, “is fear itself.”

As it turned out, Americans had a great deal more to fear than that, and their innocent belief that money buys happiness was entirely correct. Psychologists and economists now know that although the very rich are no happier than the merely rich, for the other 99 percent of us, happiness is greatly enhanced by a few quaint assets, like shelter, sustenance and security. Those who think the material is immaterial have probably never stood in a breadline.


One thought on “Speaking of Cogito ergo doleo

  1. Cogito ergo doleo. The good thing is that at least you know that you are depressed or hurt when you are thinking. You are not denying it anymore and thus can do something about it. Bring yourself back to a not thinking mode and you can discover yourself and your own feelings. What you feels matters. Take at least some time to forget about the world and nurture yourself. Get to know yourself, it’s worthwhile.

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