Georg Geismann Online

Some of Geismann’s essays are available on his website, mostly in German, it seems that English-language publications are not as forthcoming with allowing their texts to be available for free. The actual photo of the man below the fold, live and learn ye, all pretentious readers!


4 thoughts on “Georg Geismann Online

  1. At first I thought it was a carefully dampened and reconfigured breadstick, then possibly a hunk of string cheese, but I’ve settled on one of those removable teapot handles. Whatever, it works much better iconographically and fashionistically than the pencil I usually shove under there.

  2. I first thought it was a peach flavored licorice stick that’s so popular in our house – Twizzler-like but with actual licorice ingredients, I might notice – but then I measured it and it turned out it was too short, so it’s still a mystery. What isn’t a mystery though is that Geismann clearly does not care about appearances which is refreshing.

    • Mikhail Emelianov is absolutely right: I do not care. The only important point is the quality of an argument. To uncover the secret: the false moustache is the rind of a slice of middle-old Dutch cheese (Gouda) which I like as much as making jokes.

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