Braver Reading Thing

Jon Cogburn already announced it, so I might as well do it here. We have decided in private communication that it might be a good thing to give Lee Braver’s book – A Thing of This World – a closer read in light of all the interest in Realism Wars™ and maybe it will help continue our conversation about realism/non-realism in a more productive way. 

We’ll start on June 15th and do a chapter a week. Buy the book (or get a copy from the library) and give it a read. Hopefully this will work to everyone’s advantage. I’ll make another announcement closer to the date.

1 thought on “Braver Reading Thing

  1. I wish I understood what the “Realists” thought they were claiming in some sort of ordered way, other than simply “hey, there is some really, really Real stuff out there, and we call that stuff ‘objects’ “. All the same, I look forward to any of your posts on matter, as always.

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