8 thoughts on “Fichte on TV

  1. Yeah. My German wasn’t quite good enough to make out exactly what he was saying, but then when he held it up against the window I got it. Unfortunately I didn’t understand the connection between the segment on Fichte and the part about Bavarian dictionaries…

    • I liked the calm sense of pride in that lady who was talking about it with all those boxes in background, you know? You felt like even if it took them a million years, one day I can expect it to be done. I worked in an archive for a couple of years back in the day and I remember all the boxes, gloves, dust and such, even though it was an American archive so “history” was anything that happened last century or so (“very very old documents”)…

      • I don’t know whether this is the case for your particular background, or whether it may be generalized phenomenon, but the idea of labouring on a project whose completion I will not see is totally alien to my Umwelt. And so that researcher’s quiet pride is totally justified!

        I just wish those guys at the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften would hurry up and finish the critical Gesamtausgabe of Schelling’s work. They’ve been working on that thing for decades and we’ve only got the tiny ‘ausgewählte Schriften’! from Suhrkamp. Of course, if you go to amazon.de, you’ll notice that the Beyerisch stuff is astronomically expensive — only libraries can really afford it….

      • Indeed, I saw their Fichte volumes at the library, they are nice, large with excellent paper and so forth, I thought I’d look into it, you know? Fell of a chair, I believe, when I saw the prices, but I guess when you see how they work on it, I’m sure they spend a ton of money on it, so I guess the library copies will have to do.

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