Advice: Spell Check Your Bio

Seriously, I know we’re all busy and stuff, but please can you make sure that your bio does not contain such things as this?

He has co-authored or edited another six volumes, incuding The Cambridge Companion to Foucault (2nd edition, 2005) and Continental Philosophy of Science (Blackwell, 2005). He is currently writing a history of French Philosopy from 1960 to the present for Oxford UP.

You are teaching at a reputable institution. Just saying…


2 thoughts on “Advice: Spell Check Your Bio

  1. Say man, with a publication schedule like that you actually expect clean copy too? Don’t you know instead of nitpicking and backstabbing you should be supportive and grateful for this exemplary productivity? And what have you done, anyway? Stop sucking my energeeeeeeeee…!

  2. True. I have nothing to say for myself except that I have wasted several hours of my time browsing through hundreds and hundreds of bios just to find a spelling mistake so that I can then point it out.

    I guess maybe it’s just my problems after all, who am I to impose these strict spelling standards on everyone when I am myself (me, personally) sometimes misspell!

    “Whoever hath not misspelled throw the first stone”

    PS. On the other hand, I commend the author of the bio on not being a narcissist – with a publishing schedule like that, I would be googling myself daily to see who else said that I am an awesome philosopher in which case I would certainly detect the errors.

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