High Tuition? Subsidize with Pornography!

This made me chuckle:

To Grove City College, John Gechter was a bright young student majoring in molecular biology. But to his online audience, he was Vincent DeSalvo, a baby-faced rising star in the gay pornography industry. Both worlds unexpectedly crashed into each other two weeks ago after his online persona was discovered at GCC.

GCC officials have decided to indefinitely suspend Gechter for one year for his activities, pending his decision to appeal to the provost. Gechter began his career in gay pornography late in his sophomore year, two years ago. During that time, Gechter successfully kept Vincent DeSalvo a secret from his life at GCC. No one knew about his off-campus job, not even his roommate at the Colonial Apartment complex.  That ended the night of April 23 when the first e-mail revealing his online identity was sent out. By the next morning, at least two-thirds of the student population had received the e-mail. So did school administration.

Read the whole article here, but one has to wonder if he was involved with hetero porn instead of gay porn the college would have made such a stink.  Still though, a bit of an institutional intrusion upon the student for off campus er..activities.


4 thoughts on “High Tuition? Subsidize with Pornography!

  1. I was gonna say–this school must be religiously affiliated. My alma mater and a few other schools I can think of have college-funded, student-run campus porn magazines.

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