Je suis arrivé (Wrong language, I know.)

Hi all, 

At the request of the ever cantankerous and sometimes beloved Mikhail, I am travellogging my trip to Zurich. Step one:  I have arrived! One quasi-long and one really long plane flight later, Kevin and I hopped a ‘Ben Bus’ to our hotel and have successfully checked in.  I chomped down the complimentary gummy bears, turned on some crazy German cartoons, and took a picture so you could see what it looks like outside my window: 


The highlight of my plane flight was a serious internal debate about whether the movie Seven Pounds (which I saw last week on the way back from DC) or He’s Just Not That Into You should win the award for worse movie of all time. He’s Just Not That Into You is some serious masochism as it combines characterizations of women that are both unlikely to exist and completely degrading. Every female character in the movie represents some awful misogynistic character flaw a girl could have.  Jennifer Aniston is ‘I’m in a perfectly happy long term relationship but my world will end if we aren’t actually married.’ so she breaks up with him! Then he comes BACK TO HER AND APOLOGIZES AND PROPOSES! AND THEN SHE MAKES HIM GET RID OF HIS FAVORITE PAIR OF PANTS.  Jennifer Connolly doesn’t mind that her husband cheated on her and continues to, or that she also (like Aniston) guilted him into marrying her, but freaks the fuck out (breaking furniture) that he’s smoking and lying to her about it. Girl whose name I don’t know spends the first third of the movie sitting by the phone WAITING FOR BOYS TO CALL HER BECAUSE SOMEHOW SHE STILL HAS A PINK PHONE FROM 1984 AND SITS BY PHONES WAITING FOR BOYS TO CALL! 

I’m going to place a moritorium (for now, I reserve the right of return) on discussing this movie, myself, as I will continue to have difficulty not overusing capitalization and explanation points. The tough call for me is whether Seven Pounds is worse because I can’t bring myself to care to write about it, or whether He’s Just Not That Into You is worse because I can go on and on about it’s awfulness….

I’m going to take a shower and head out on an exciting adventure including such things as a trip to the drug store to find power converters for phones/computers and something to wash my hair with other than the combined shampoo/body wash available in the bathroom! I’ll make sure to photodocument this in great detail. 

Also, there needs to be much drinking of coffee in my near future.

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