May Day!

Look what I found! These people have no idea that in about 6-7 years the Soviet Union will be no more…


4 thoughts on “May Day!

  1. Why is that communism seems to have so many rituals that require not going to the bathroom for a long time? Between the interminable parades and multi-hour harangues by Fidel Castro, I’m really surprised there aren’t more Tycho Brahe type martyrs out there.

    I think there’s a line about this in that song by Sting.

    Seriously, is it wrong for me to see the above films with a particular kind of sadness? I realize it’s probably just a Fourth of July kind of thing for most of the participants, but how many people in the crowd maybe did think they were on their way to the withering away of class distinctions where there is enough for everybody and society reinforces people objectifying each other only in terms of what they can actually do, not in terms of conspicuous consumption.

    When I was a kid I really did believe that quite soon we’d have robots doing all the work while the rest of us rode around in jetcars, drank cocktails, discussed poetry, and colonized space. A lot of my friends did too. In school we’d watch educational films about how hovercars and architecture based on octagons were going to revolutionize the world.

    I guess I miss the promise of utopia and can’t help but to view the May Day parades in terms of the (what seems to me) unnecessarily thorough betrayal of that promise in all its forms. Is that at all rational?

  2. I think in the 80s no one really believed in utopia even in the USSR – I guess if you could understand all the announcements, you could get the strange dissonance, it’s all strange stuff like “The will of the Party and of the people are one” and some such. I doubt anyone, even the Party people, believed in that crap by 80s. But you’re right about the lack of utopian dreams – I was told when I was a kid that in the future, there will be no money, people will work doing what they love and just go to the store and get whatever they need. And I believed it…

  3. What’s funny is that in about 25 years people will be posting video of 2009 hockey games, saying something of the same thing.

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