Realism Wars™ Update.

Hard to keep up with all of this philosophical action: Grundlegung has a post on the matter, with Levi’s always-already-there response here, plus a couple of exchanges at Larval Subjects and a continuation of the thread at Speculative Heresy. Things are heated but ultimately rewarding, I think, at least we’re not discussing Breatney Spears’ latest outfit or that silly things about torture memos, you know?

9 thoughts on “Realism Wars™ Update.

  1. Now you’ve added to the fact that you hate Science, you hate Brintney Spears. My lord, wherever in the world are you going to find a place to stand?

    • Kant, naturally. Please watch for the upcoming Lifetime made for TV movie about Mikhail called “Not without my Kant: The M Emelianov Saga.” I hear he will be played by a young Patty Duke.

  2. Seriously though I’ve never read so much Kant than lately in order to prove to Levi that I too am smart, but it’s so exhausting always being on top, so lonely too.

    I like like beer and hockey, if that counts…

  3. Carl, if you’re reading this (once you recover from Hurricanes’ awesome comeback) – I’m starting to think you’re on to something – so tough to admit that I might be wrong about it, I’m really struggling here, but maybe Hurricanes are not so bad after all…

    • Seriously, eh? But what happened to the Devils?! How in the world did they blow that lead? I’m actually kinda mad. The Bruins would walked all over New Jersey. But how are they going to crush the Hurricanes? Even giant bears have no chance against a force of nature. I’m a little worried now….

      Now, about dried fish and beer: I think that almost any Canadian would eat almost any weird thing after a couple of pints. I mean, they have no problem eating fried cuttlefish/calamari….

      • Two goals in 1:20 left – ridiculous comeback! I’m pretty sure that it only happened because Carl got back from his tennis practice, grabbed a beer and voila!

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