I Hate Science: Another Monstrous Distortion.

Levi offers another one of his characteristic “pick and choose” and wildly distorted interpretations of my comments on Speculative Heresy – it’s all nicely quoted and nicely summarized there. It is clear that I hate science – but hey what has it ever done for me and my armchair (actually, an ottoman kind of like this one – I know, weird, but I like my sitting arrangement, does it make me an ottoman philosopher?)? 

Shahar, a preventive comment to your typed-as-we-speak friendly email about why I even bother with this debate anymore – once in a while, there are interesting issues being brought up and I’d like to hope there’s some value in all of these exchanges…

P.S. Google Maps is tracking the swine flu – nothing to worry about, I dont’ believe in science so it’s not going to affect me.

6 thoughts on “I Hate Science: Another Monstrous Distortion.

  1. I am not sure where, in my post, I wrote that you hate science. Moreover, I did not “cherry pick” your remarks but quoted almost all your posts verbatum. What I said is that you’re dismissive of science. What other conclusion is someone supposed to arrive at when you keep referring to a number of our most well established scientific theories as “crude empirical data”. As I wrote in my post, the problem I see with your line of argument is that you don’t seem to think that these discoveries require us to substantially modify our philosophical positions. You seem to think that when we learn these things about the nature of our mind or how life came to be, philosophy remains intact exactly as it was before. Yet that philosophy, prior to the new physics, Darwin, genetics, and neurology was pervaded with a whole host of theological assumptions about the nature of the mind and the world that simply cannot, in my view, be sustained in our contemporary context. This calls for a rethinking of philosophy and what can be salvaged from the history of philosophy. I just don’t think we can neatly separate “philosophical questioning” and “science” in the way you seem to believe we can.

  2. Didn’t you know that you can catch science from sharing a soda or even sitting on a toilet, it’s an airborne virus. You really need to be careful, Mikhail.

    I hope I don’t catch science.

  3. No worries, I am safely equipped with one of them face masks, plus maybe it’ll help against that swine-flu, you know? Speaking of pigs, aren’t you glad you’re a vegetarian? I, on the other hand, will never look at bacon the same way…

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