Drunken Nation

My people: 

specter is haunting Russia today. It is not the specter of Communism—that ghost has been chained in the attic of the past—but rather of depopulation—a relentless, unremitting, and perhaps unstoppable depopulation. The mass deaths associated with the Communist era may be history, but another sort of mass death may have only just begun, as Russians practice what amounts to an ethnic self-cleansing.

Since 1992, Russia’s human numbers have been progressively dwindling. This slow motion process now taking place in the country carries with it grim and potentially disastrous implications that threaten to recast the contours of life and society in Russia, to diminish the prospects for Russian economic development, and to affect Russia’s potential influence on the world stage in the years ahead.

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6 thoughts on “Drunken Nation

  1. Yeah, I read this a couple of weeks ago.

    It’s horribly depressing, but I don’t think the author made a convincing case that the demographic trends are going to continue very far into this century. The blanket supposition that they will seemed to me a perhaps unconscious continuation of all the American triumphalism that has cursed the world (including the citizens United States) ever since the fallout from the anti-Gorbachev coup.

    I’m interested in your thoughts about this.

  2. Jon, I’m assuming that depopulation is an issue because people are leaving, but they are going somewhere, right? I would be more concerned with “excess mortality” (I guess as opposed to “moderate mortality”) but even there it’s kind of annoying that it’s the issue of Russians dying out – the whole essay is full of nationalistic assumptions (i.e. if Russians die out, Russia as a nation is doomed), as if you cannot be a Russian without a motherland to back you up. People back home were not allowed to leave for 70 years, they will move economic crisis or not, right?

  3. Не дождётесь!
    Спад произошёл благодаря именно “американской помощи” 80-х и 90-х. Частью была именно из-за массового оттока населения (впервые эмиграция стала фактом жизни), и частью из-за ужасного экономического состояния, результатом которого стало резкое понижение рождаемости.
    Оглянитесь вокруг сегодня – беременные и мамы с колясками – везде!
    Кроме того, история России указывает на тот факт, что хоронить нас пытались и монголы, и французы, и поляки, и немцы… Где они сейчас, и где “наша Раша”?!
    А уж США с их ежедневными убийствами и падением рождаемости, восстанавливаемом лишь мексиканско-негритянскими мамами вообще молчать бы надо!
    Я недавно была на семинаре по биохимии во флоридском университете. Из присутствующих 2 (!) человека можно было условно назвать белыми. Остальные – китайцы и индийцы. Вот так….

    • Да Вы, мадам, значит предпочитаете “белых”? Это называется расизм – чем Вам “китайцы и индийцы” неугодили? И если Вы так горячо людите родину, почему проживаете во Флориде?

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