Speculative Realism Strikes Back.

Is it just me or did Graham’s blog slowly become a bit less philosophical and more “this-is-what-I-did-today” kind of blog? I wonder if he needs to open a Twitter account? The next Speculative Realism conference is coming up:

Speculative Materialism / Speculative Realism Conference

UWE Philosophy are pleased to announce that it will host a conference on Speculative Materialism and Speculative Realism on Friday 24th April 2009. This event follows on from the Speculative Realism conference held at Goldsmiths in April 2007 (the proceedings of which were published in Collapse vol. 3 (2007)). This second event will reunite the original four speakers:

  • Ray Brassier (AU Beirut), author of Nihil Unbound.
  • Iain Hamilton Grant (UWE Bristol), author of Philosophies of Nature After Schelling.
  • Graham Harman (AU Cairo), author of Tool-Being and Guerrilla Metaphysics.
  • Quentin Meillassoux (ENS Paris), author of After Finitude.

Click here for directions.

Further details will be posted here in due course.

For further information please contact Iain Grant.

Will someone blog about this? If you don’t have a blog, email me and we can arrange for an exclusive PE appearance.

9 thoughts on “Speculative Realism Strikes Back.

  1. M.E.: “Is it just me or did Graham’s blog slowly become a bit less philosophical and more “this-is-what-I-did-today” kind of blog?”

    Kvond: This can be what happens when you turn dialogue (or polylogue) into monologue. But perhaps only when having dialogues in the first place was an occasion to hear yourself speak. I do not say this harshly because we all love to hear ourselves speak to some degree, but it is a question of emphasis. I honestly can’t read the blog anymore, something of a disappointment.

  2. Again, my position on blogging is well known – “whatever tickles your pickle” as someone used the expression recently (it’s probably not about vegetables, I suspect) – I do think some of his posts on rating philosophers were very much in the tradition of Brian Leiter (maybe it is a compliment, in some way)…

  3. @m_emelianov LOL! thanks for this, I really thought I was being too grumpy about Graham´s blogging manners. I even tried to recommend him to use twitter ( fortunately I store all my conversations on blogosphere >> http://bit.ly/YDK0r ) but finally he just got on my nerve ( & I did rant about it >> http://bit.ly/2pz4Xl ). I still think that he blogs too much, without any consideration to his readers, & to my taste this is like using his blog like a toilette.

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  5. Yeah, I’d only just discovered his work (this summer I’m reading both books pretty closely) when he started disallowing comments. I realize that trolls were depressing him and undermining the utility of the blog, but it still severely bums me out.

  6. I like those posts about the mechanics of writing and just general observations about being a philosopher, I just got into a habit of checking it out in the morning right after I read all of your people’s blog (yes, I mean you, person with a blog, I read it every day) and now it’s mostly about his travels and meals, entertaining for a bit, but then I feel like I’m stalking him or something…

    But, again, to repeat my motto – if it makes you happy, why not – I at first resented the fact that Jon, for example, started posting all these cute pictures of his son, but now I’ve gotten used to it 🙂

  7. I think someone needs to tell him that his Easter Bunny post is so popular – I think he posted 3 times about that fact already – probably because Mikhail linked to it in the above post, not because people are interested in what he has to say about Easter Bunnies (plus, it’s freaking Easter, it’s like posting about Santa Claus on Christmas and then be surprised that there’s traffic)

  8. Yeah, I think we should all sign a ceast-and-desist petition demanding that he stops informing the general public about the details of his life – as exciting as they are, wearing jackets to get into a restaurants and watching football in Dublin – and return immediately to the usual “philosophical” business of comparing the awesome qualities of Easter bunnies and Heidegger’s tool-beings.

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