Botanical Assistance Solicited: What Houseplant Is This?

Having desperately looked everywhere on the internets, I’m wondering if there is a secret botanist reading this blog? If so, can you please tell me what this plant is? Many thanks in advance.



12 thoughts on “Botanical Assistance Solicited: What Houseplant Is This?

  1. The internet is always right – I wanted to know what it is to know how to care for it, it’s been giving me some troubles lately and I wasn’t sure if to water it more or give it a break and see – knowing the name will open the floodgates of all the botanical advices on the internets…

  2. Now that I have revealed my botanically obsessed self, I am sure people will judge me – go ahead, but I once saw a plant at the doctor’s office, stole a small shoot, put it in my pocket, replanted it at home and it grew up to become a nice looking plant, I was very proud… does that mean I have a “green thumb”?

  3. Well. I didn’t want to tell you this, but… your plant is what they call one of those “corporate office” plants.

  4. Hey, take that back! This isn’t actually the plant I stole from the doctor’s office, I bought this one, I think, it’s all confusing now, but even if it does look a bit corporate, I love it as much as all the other “cool” plants.

  5. How can you truly love that which you steal? You got one stolen shoot & an unknown.

    Sounds like a very bad case of Perverse Thumbirianism.

  6. Maybe I didn’t “steal” it, maybe I saved it from the suffocating corporate culture of greed, superficiality and insincerity? Maybe it’s better off here in my cozy non-corporate environment?

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