Where The Hell Is Bemidji State?

A cool article from Wall Street Journal: WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE WATCHED HOCKEY.

Three of the four No. 1 seeds in this year’s tournament didn’t even survive their first games over the weekend. Michigan fell to Air Force, 2-0, due almost entirely to the play of Falcons goaltender Andrew Volkening (Michigan took 43 shots to Air Force’s 13); Denver lost to Miami University, 4-2; and Notre Dame was buried by Bemidji State, 5-1.

Denver’s loss and even Michigan’s actually weren’t that shocking — Air Force, which subsequently was eliminated Saturday by Vermont, came within an eyelash of first-round upsets the previous two years — but Notre Dame’s defeat was the equivalent of Radford dismissing North Carolina by double digits.

Notre Dame, which led the nation in winning percentage and goals-against average, was facing the country’s 37th-best team, according to the Ratings Percentage Index ranking system. There are only 58 teams in Division I. But Notre Dame goalie Jordan Pearce got rattled early, giving up the opening goal after a strange bounce off the boards, and the chaos was underway.

My bracket was not even close! Bemidji State then went on to destroy Cornell in yesterday’s game that was pretty close for a while and then exploded into 4-1 upset. I say it should be BU and Bemidji State in the final game, that would be a great one – BU though is pretty consistent in its slow but sure march to a back-to-back NCAA championship.

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