Colloquy Issue on Benjamin’s Critique of Violence

I came across this Colloguy (December 2008) issue with a large section dedicated to essays on Benjamin’s Critique of Violence. All articles are available as PDFs.

Critique of Violence Articles

Introduction: Violence and Critique
Carlo Salzani and Michael FitzGerald

Violence as Pure Praxis: Benjamin and Sorel on Strike, Myth and Ethics
Carlo Salzani

Prior to Law and Subsequent to Understanding: Benjamin as a Student of the Law
Stephanie Polsky

The Creature Before the Law: Notes on Walter Benjamin’s Critique of Violence
Mathew Abbott

Potentiality and Reconciliation: a Consideration of Benjamin’s “Critique of Violence” and Adorno’s “Progress”
Tim Finney

Between Violence and Law, Is There a Place for Justice?
Adam Lodders

The Ethics of Interpretation; Toward Critique Without Judgment
Lara Shalson

Interfaith Dialogue: A Deconstructive Site for the Cycles of Mythic Violence?
Elyse Rider

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