9 thoughts on “Shameful Confession.

  1. I just started this whole tweet thing myself–today, as a matter of fact. I’m still not quite sure what to do with it, or why anyone cares about my updates.

  2. I think we all need to jump on this and take it to its absurd conclusion like “I am typing things in Twitter” type of messages – I think I might tire of it very soon, but narcissism is the luxury of the leisurely and I am pretty leisurely these days, so why not?

    I think they should invent an even smaller version of Twitter with only one word allowed.

  3. “Apparently, I tweet. Don’t judge me.”

    I find the form of this micro message enlightening to the structure of the subject.

    “Apparently”…(Adverbial proviso of a possibility of interpretation)

    It cannot be confirmed.

    “I tweet”…(Declarative statement, unwavering agency and self-definition)

    I tweet, therefore I am.

    Don’t judge me. (Imperative command: yet offering the exchange of confession for immunity, while arching self-hood over and above the discourse of negotiation).

    Hiding its opposite,

    Please judge me so that I can be inscribed in the social order through my guilt.

    Translation: Contingenly I exist as an acting subject to the degree that I confess my excesses at the price of being defined by others, with the pay off of acquiring the privileges of an author-itarian imperative, refusing a defining investiation into process. I negotiate my subjectivity, and as a subject, pre-positively refuse the guilt of such a negotiation/confession.

    I tweet, therefore I am.

  4. Please judge me so that I can be inscribed in the social order through my guilt.

    That’s very good, Kevin – can you analyze my tweets as well? 🙂

    I think I like the quoted summary, but with a slight change:

    “Please love me so that I can be inscribed in the social order through my neediness and attention-seeking exhibitionism, and in return I will pretend to feel guilty about it, yet down deep (where is that?) I will in fact feel guilty but for a different reason, namely, because I judge myself to be an interesting enough person and assume that others might want to know my every move and thought, at the same time, I affirm that I really am that interesting and fascinating…”

    Speaking of interesting, check out this video – what do you make of this kid’s behavior? I somehow think he’s a future Shakespeare…

  5. M.E.,

    I have no desire to analyze you, the person, but I do like how your phrasing revealed interesting subjectivity structures, perhaps even philosophical ones.

    And I do really love your re-write of my interpretation, with the exception of one thing, you have already explicitly laid the tweetering phenomenology of your very interesting self at the feet of luxuriant state of narcissism:

    “but narcissism is the luxury of the leisurely and I am pretty leisurely these days, so why not”.

    So if indeed you really do affirm that you are that interesting, (and I don’t see why you would not be), this “interesting quality” has already been diagnosed as merely symptomatic narcisssism, a kind of interesting sore on the surface of your luxury. You may very well, like any Western culture philosophical subject, be convinced of your fascinating qualities, but ever are haunted by the suspicion that whatever glimmering glints of personal “bling” are mere noselogical expressions.

    I would love to interpret your tweetings, Schreber had a thing for the tweet of birds, but something about the technology forces me into catatonia.

    (Can’t you though automatically insert your tweets at the top of your sidebar, and subject all your readers to the reasons why the caged bird sings?)

  6. Subject all four of my readers to my tweets? That’s too cruel.

    ‘The sore of narcissism” would be a cool phrase, wouldn’t it? Despite your refusal to dive into my interesting person with your acute (and I do mean it) analysis, I think I will accept your awesome, if not comparison, then a putting side-by-side of me and Schreber, although I hope that sunbeams will never come out of my you-know-what…

    Doesn’t this whole exchange a sort of a demonstration of how I cover over my sensitive parts (no, not those ones) with a thick layer of sarcasm and gesturing?

    The sores of narcissism indeed – I think I have a title for my future autobiography taken care off.

  7. Per Twitter:

    A critique: http://www.alternet.org/mediaculture/127623/twitter_nation_has_arrived%3A_how_scared_should_we_be/

    What was once an easily avoided subculture of needy and annoying online souls is now a growing part of the social and media landscapes, with Twittering tentacles reaching into the operations of major newspapers, networks, corporations and political campaigns…The most maddening defense of Twitter is that it constitutes some form of art. Boosters like to claim that compressing communication into 140 characters results in a kind of computer-age poetry. “[Twitter users are] trying to describe their activities in a way that is interesting to others: the status update as a literary form,” writes Thompson in his NYT piece. Howard Lindzon, founder of StockTwits, recently told the Financial Times that the format “is an art form.”

    And defense:

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