On Productivity (By Personal Example)

Graham Harman gives excellent advice to the people (as in “Advice to the People” – I suggest he initiates a series until this title) concerning productivity and I think he hits some great points in the process: 

Why do I enter upon this topic, in a genre somewhere between confession and advice column? Because people in the intellectual sphere generally do not help each other enough. This blog has occasionally taken a personal turn, and may as well do so again here. Some of the most brilliant people I’ve met in academic life were unproductive for a time, and many of them remained thus forever without end. 

The rest is here.

3 thoughts on “On Productivity (By Personal Example)

  1. I think it’s great that he sort of makes it all visible and out there, I’m sure people talk about these issues all the time, but I also know that there’s something strangely shameful in admitting that either you’re struggling with writing or even secretly hate it. I suppose Harman’s point is that the academic atmosphere and its peculiar competitiveness makes for a strange environment, yet it’s good to hear someone talk about some strategies. Being afflicted with severe attention-deficit issues, I have to do several things at the same in order to switch between them but it took me years to figure it out, years of frustrating inability to concentrate on one task thinking maybe I’m just not good at this reading and writing thing – sorry about the personal information here, won’t happen again.

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