Ann Coulter: Once Banned Resurfaces!

First she told me I needed to be perfected, now she’s on the Today Show annoying the freakishly chipper Matt Lauer.  When will she find what she’s looking for?  You have to admit that without Ann Coulter life would be slightly more boring…

Anyway, here’s Ann Coulter doing whatever it is she does (which includes hating single mothers, it seems):

5 thoughts on “Ann Coulter: Once Banned Resurfaces!

  1. a) single mothers are hate-worthy (see Mikhail Emelianov’s upcoming new biography);

    b) you do need to be perfected, Shahar, the way you hold your teacup without extending your pinky is outrageous;

    c) Ann Coulter thrives on rejection and persecution – this is HER TIME!

  2. Mikhail, with regard to (a) I hardly think anyone is going to be interested in a tedious victimological rant with a female Gradgrind figure in it. Yes, your suggestion in (b) is most likely true, but just let me have my affectation! And (c), I would imagine Ann Coulter will be very busy the next four years.

  3. I made a mistake of picking up her latest “book” at the grocery store the other day and opening it up on a random page – all I remember is a blur of horrible comparisons like media are apparently a “Greek Choir” singing praises to Obama who is somehow also a Helen of Troy – luckily I quickly closed the book in order to avoid further brain damage…

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