How Philosophers Work

From Guardian‘s Jonathan Wolff: 

A colleague mentioned to some students that he liked to work in cafes. A member of the incoming class, looking a bit concerned, replied that while he had himself done some bar work, he was yet to try his hand at waiting on tables. I think he was joking, but even so, it did give me a sense of how far the status of academics has fallen. Not long ago, another colleague was asked by a mortgage broker whether his work gave him opportunities for overtime.

Still, it is not status but the working methods of the philosophers that concern me here. Until I finally found a laptop able to accommodate my eccentric typing style, I wrote out almost everything longhand, in very nasty writing, in little notebooks, or on the backs of things, and wrote on buses and tube trains, on park benches, and, indeed, in cafes. Now most of my writing has to be done at a table or desk. But at least it has the advantage that I can read what I have written.

The rest is here.

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