The Job “Market:” Was it ever “Good?”

I’m not on the “market” this year, but to paraphrase one of the four questions: What makes this year any different from any other? An interesting discussion about this over at Mikhail’s favorite blog, The Leiter Reports (see here).  Answers?  From the IHE (here and here):

The main recruiting venue for the American Philosophical Association is its Eastern Division meeting, which takes place the last week of December and attracts departments nationwide that seek to recruit. David Schrader said he couldn’t tell how many departments had signed up, but that revenue from those departments was down 40 percent this year, and that the number of positions for which interviews would take place at the meeting was probably down by the same, large proportion.  He said he hoped that some departments were holding off and would recruit later in the academic year than is normal. But he said that he “can’t imagine that departments are being encouraging” about positions this year. “I hope this is just a one-year dip.”  At least six searches in philosophy that were started have been called off — according to the philosophy jobs wiki — and that doesn’t count other positions that had once been thought possible.

It could be worse I suppose (those English types always have to throw their weight around, don’t they?):

Today the Modern Language Association is releasing information on just how bad the situation is: The number of job postings in the MLA’s Job Information List will be down 21 percent in 2008-9, the steepest annual decline in its 34-year history. For English language and literature, the drop will be 22.2 percent and for foreign languages, 19.6 percent. Not all jobs are listed with the MLA, so the figures don’t cover every position, but the MLA’s postings have tracked consistently with national trends, especially for the assistant professor positions that are so desirable to new Ph.D.’s who want to land on the tenure track.

Since the Fed just lowered interest rates again yesterday, perhaps mortgage broker would be a good angle…

Meanwhile, the New School is occupied and much of Greece is um, burning

Oh yes, let’s not forget Obambi’s idiotic pick for inauguration duties.

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