Book Sale

Princeton University Press has a sale – there’s some good stuff available in the Philosophy section, including some volumes of their Kierkegaard collection:

bookjacketCamus at Combat: Writing 1944-1947. A. Camus; J. Lévi-Valensi, et al., eds.
Hardcover on sale for $23.00 — 42% off regular price.




bookjacketConversations on Mind, Matter, and Mathematics. J. Changeux and A. Connes; M.B. DeBevoise, ed. and trans.
Paperback on sale for $20.00 — 26% off regular price




bookjacketHeidegger’s Children: Hannah Arendt, Karl Löwith, Hans Jonas, and Herbert Marcuse. R. Wolin.
Paperback on sale for $15.00 — 35% off regular price




bookjacketHiding from Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law. M.C. Nussbaum.
Paperback on sale for $18.00 — 22% off regular price




bookjacketSøren Kierkegaard: A Biography. J. Garff; B.H. Kirmmse, trans.
Hardcover on sale for $28.00 — 49% off regular price





bookjacketWhat Makes Us Think? A Neuroscientist and a Philosopher Argue about Ethics, Human Nature, and the Brain. J. Changeux and P. Ricoeur; M.B. DeBevoise, trans.
Paperback on sale for $19.00 — 24% off regular price

1 thought on “Book Sale

  1. Gotta love the book sales, i order a few things from UCPress last week, but i think their sale may have ended. I did however want to mention that the last title you listed What Makes Us Think? is a wonderful read, Ricouer amiably undermining almost everything Changeux says. Not an easy read but a pleasurable tussle.

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