Critchley on Obambi

Simon Critchley delivered a lecture last September at the New School entitled “Barack Obama and the American Void.”  It’s pretty decent. He examines Obama’s subjectivity, the existential detachment that seems to haunt him, and its relation to democracy as well as Obama’s “politics which is driven by an anti-political fantasy.”

My favorite question during the Q&A was when someone tells Critchley that he’s a cross between David Brooks, Maureen Dowd and Dr. Phil and accuses him of being psychoanalytically superficial. Critchley seems haunted by being called Dr. Phil.  I don’t know, maybe that’s not so bad, isn’t Dr. Phil kind of like an Aristotle (of the Nichomachean Ethics) of our time???

We’ll see what Obambi can get done over the next four years…

Click here to watch

2 thoughts on “Critchley on Obambi

  1. I started watching it but couldn’t finish it since he was moving about and looked as if he wasn’t really prepared but was winging it or something – it only works for crazies like Zizek, despite my memory of Shahar telling me that he saw Critchley wear leather pants once…

  2. Dr. Phil would never move about the stage. I thought he was rather prepared, at least watch the Q and A, when accused of being Dr. Phil Critchley responds “Jesus, Dr. Phil, really?!” And yes, he was wearing leather pants while discussing Badiou I believe. I distinctly remember thinking it would be apropos to pull a C Wright Mills and hop on his motorcycle after the lecture. Then again, I don’t think anyone could duplicate C Wright Mills…

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