Blog Stats Raise Questions.

So over the last week or so our stats went up as if there was some strange interest in the blog without any visible reason for the increased attention – I know Shahar, Nicole and I (plus the efforts of the now-forgotten Paco and Lou) agreed early on to spend at least an hour each day clicking on our blog to drive the stats up, but this is getting ridiculous. Is someone out there obsessively checking and rechecking what’s happening on the blog? Are we secretly being considered for some sort of super-blogging award? The suspense is killing me…

16 thoughts on “Blog Stats Raise Questions.

  1. I check in once or twice a day, but only out of the narcissistic wonder that someone’s responded to my comment or to a topic that interests me.

  2. Thanks for reading/commenting, and really, click away Joe. You’re only adding fuel to the growing fire of our sickening narcissism. Although, Mikhail’s narcissism is virtually unsurpassed.

  3. oh and btw, i finally figured out what an RSS feed is and how to use it, so unless you want me to help keep the stats up i`m only visiting when you post something that interests me, which i must admit is quite regularly.

  4. I strongly suspect that Andrew Sullivan referencing
    you on The Daily Dish has something to do with it. He gets over a couple of hundred thousand hits a month.

  5. I hope you’re right, Dubitndum, otherwise it would have to be attributed to the ever decreasing standards of public taste – if I wasn’t writing for this blog, I would sure as hell not be reading it…

  6. Let’s face it, Shahar – we all know that one of the most important skills needed for survival in our small world is that of “pretending to have read X” and it’s not as easy to acquire as it seems, but I have a sense that we’ve already covered this issue, haven’t we?

  7. I hate when people pretend to have read Ayn Rand’s the Fountainhead because they think it’s some sort of hipster affectation (like Pabst) or at least makes them somewhat edgy. In fact, I read The Fountainhead in high school and most people would not want to be seen holding that book if they read it. I really wish I had that time back. Anyway, that’s what I think we should be aiming for here at Perverse Egalitarianism.

    I really fucking hated The Fountainhead…

  8. I opted for the movie but I sort of got the point about 20 mins into it and thereafter abandoned the effort to watch it “thoughtfully” – didn’t Zizek say in some documentary that Fountainhead was one of his favorite movies? I bet Joe would know (just nurturing that narcissism)…

  9. Great baiting!

    Someday I can only hope that Perverse Egalitarianism will be a hipster affectation and then in turn become reified by Hollywood, but in a pseudo-true to the original way a la Harry Potter (although I would never know, I have only seen the movies).

    As long as I’m played by that actress that plays “Hermoine” and you are played by that guy who does Harry Potter. That would really capture the awkwardness of our ups and downs over the years.

  10. We also need a bunch of secondary characters that are fleshed out in each new consequent movie, you know? In the first installment we can have Carl appear once or twice and weigh in on the issue and then in the sixth film we learn Carl’s story and feel for him, and then fans can go back to the first movie and be all like “Ah yes, you can totally see that he comes from a proletarian background!” and then we can do a book tour and answer nerds about why Carl’s story in the sixth movie contradicts his numerous references to his seemingly non-proletarian relatives from British upper class in the third movie…

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