Prof steals signs, quits

In other campus related oddities:

A visiting professor at St. Olaf College who confessed to stealing several Republican campaign signs has quit his teaching job.

Philip Busse, acknowledged last week in The Huffington Post that he had stolen signs touting John McCain from yards along a rural stretch of highway near Northfield, Minn., where the college is located.

Mr. Busse, who had a one-semester temporary visiting appointment to teach one course on introductory media studies, “has tendered his resignation and is no longer affiliated with St. Olaf College,” according to a college spokesman quoted in the Northfield News.

On top of losing his job, Mr. Busse has been charged with misdemeanor theft and faces up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, the newspaper reported.

Apparently, Busse saw his theft as a form of civil disobedience.  Ok.  Really, I thought the most honest part of his confession in the Huffington Post was when he talked about how satisfying stealing the signs were.  I’m not sure why he had to resign, nor do I think this should make him “un-hirable.”  Was it the smartest thing to do, probably not, but it will just provide more ammo for those who think that the university is overrun with wack job lefties…

2 thoughts on “Prof steals signs, quits

  1. I think what should make him “un-hirable” is the fact that he admitted to stealing signs! The appeal of crime is its conspiratorial essence, the man clearly does not understand how stealing works…

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