Obama: The First Professorial-American President

The Professorial-Americans finally can claim one of their own as the President of the United States. They were called “nerds” in school, ridiculed for spending years in graduate schools, mocked for their lack of seriousness and their otherworldly elitism, accused of arrogance and parasitism, confronted for their indifference concerning the problems of the “real world,” and pointed out for their love of knowledge and goofy looks. But all of that is behind them now! A former constitutional law professor from the University of Chicago nerded his way in the highest office in the nation by a cunning use of polished thoughtful phrases, obscure references to historical figures, deep knowledge of the subject-matters, and good looks. Now Professorial-Americans look to the future with hope again – if you could only see them yesterday some waving energetically from the balconies of their ivory towers, some excitedly drafting a paper on the significance of the commas in Presidential speeches, some plotting attempts at funny blogging the day after. Indeed, a great day for “the prof” – as they like to be called – a great day for the country that finally comes to terms with its dark anti-professorial past and is eager to move on…

10 thoughts on “Obama: The First Professorial-American President

  1. Ha! This is a great post. I am pleased with last night’s results, but I think the dead give-away of my own nerdiness is the immense pleasure I derived from your use of the word “nerd” as a past-tense verb (“nerded his way…”). Love it.

  2. thanks, Monica – my WordPress spellcheck (which, by the way, does not think “wordpress” is a word either) was all up and underliney about it, yet I persisted in my effort to verb the noun – “to nerd” means, I suppose, to use your acquired nerd-related behavior/knowledge in order to achieve your goal: Monica was puzzled but with a quick look at her notes she managed to nerd herself out of the difficult question. Feel free to use it any way you see fit…

  3. Mikhail,

    One might just say these commentators that are providing you with counterfactuals have “outnerded” you.

    Or instead of appealing to the rules of blogging (e.g. necessary and willful ignorance), you can appeal to the stereotypical form of Russianness:

    “Vat? Vilson? Garveld? Vat zee fuk to I geeve a sheeet?”

  4. I don’t know. Garfield only taught at Hiram College for a year. Doesn’t make him not a professor, but it is funny to note that these “professorial-American presidents” were both effectively adjuncts.

  5. Joe, are you saying we have a first adjunct President? This would be such a great encouragement for the adjuncts, wouldn’t it? C’mmon, I can say, don’t despair! You can be a President some day, just keep at it…

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