Election Day

Ok, I have to admit that as elitist and arrogant as I am, there’s a small democratic sentiment that is hard to suppress as I see pictures of huge lines of citizens trying to cast their votes – the only question I have though is this: Why is it that one can get a Big Mac on almost every corner of this country without any lines, yet in order to vote, one needs to wait for hours? Can they just put a polling station at every McDonalds? “Would you like fries with that?” democracy – now that is something I can get behind!

UPDATE: Obama Pie!

5 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing Mikhail. Here in the town i live in, in Canada, i stroll over to the community centre. Say “Hi!” chat with my neighbours, fold up a piece of paper and drop it in a cardboard box. Seems to work okay for us and the results are out in no time. But man would turnout be a lot bigger if you could supersize your order! Meanwhile south of the 49th parallel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:49_parellel_waterton.jpg) you seem to have all kinds of shenanigans, for example http://www.truthout.org/110308R

  2. AND its so easy to pay taxes too. Voting districts, even blue-red state scenario, are typically slam dunks. The incumbent party has no interest to improve democratic procedures because the demos doesn’t demand it. And neither party has tried to improve voting procedures since 2000, some say, its even worse.

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