Povero Buoso: McCain Meltdown Soundtrack Recommendation.

Here’s an elitist discovery that I have chanced upon about an hour or so ago: reading the news of McCain Meltdown is much more entertaining with Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi – give it a shot!

I have to say that I am impressed by McCain’s arrogance here – apparently all it takes for the economy to get back to its economic business of making all of us rich is for John McCain to postpone his campaign activities! I wonder what would happen if he just went ahead and cancelled his run for the president? The logic  – “Let’s not campaign for a bit and turn our attention to solving the problems! Country needs us! All is lost without us!” – is hard to understand as anything but an expression of the arrogant elitism, isn’t it? Unless, of course, 2/3 of McCain’s stuff are lobbying in Washington DC anyway, so there’s no one to run the campaign anyway

6 thoughts on “Povero Buoso: McCain Meltdown Soundtrack Recommendation.

  1. Someone should tell McCain that he’s not President yet. And was does McCain think about the bailout anyway, one week he’s for it, the next he’s against it.

    What a gimmick! More smoke screens! Why not do what Obama is doing, be there when needed, keep in touch and stop the pathetic grandstanding. Instead of a joint statement with Obama, McCain issues a statement this afternoon to the effect that “oh, I care so much about America, let’s stop the campaign, let’s cancel the debate.” Grandstanding, no? Too cynical? I did like Obama’s comment, something to the effect that a President needs to be able to multi-task…

  2. Dear readers of this blog (all 8 of you),

    I have decided to suspend my teaching responsibilities to concentrate on blogging, clearly the state of blogging community is such that it needs my immediate attention, plus I can’t do two or more things at the same time.

    Mikhail Emelianov

  3. Did you guys see this?

    From MSNBC:

    “For what it’s worth, the man who is leading congressional Democrats in negotiating the bailout deal with the administration isn’t impressed with Sen. McCain’s announcement.

    Rep. Barney Frank told a group of reporters outside the House chamber:

    “It’s the longest Hail Mary pass in the history of either football or Marys.”

  4. He he he… McCain is cancelling the debates, too busy with this economy problem – all of this reminds me very much of student emails. I think here’s a good plan for McCain:

    1. Confirm that you are going to be at the debate.

    2. Don’t show up.

    3. Send an email next morning with a good excuse involving a) sickness, b) death of a relative, c) car problem, d) all of the above

    4. Ask to see professor Obama during his office hours.

    5. Don’t show up for an appointment.

    6. Blame a friend who was suppose to pick you up/drop you off.

    7. Ask to do something either instead of the debate or for some “extra-credit” – promise to change and never miss a debate in the future.

    8. Disappear until Nov. 4th (completely)

    9. Show up for elections and demand a decent grade.

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