How To Lie Well: Doing A John McCain.

Finally the newspapers are paying the tribute to the real hero of political lying – check out this New York Times piece:

During the first presidential debate, when the moderator, Jim Lehrer, noted that Mr. Kerry had repeatedly accused President Bush “essentially of lying” about his Iraq war strategy, Mr. Kerry instantly demurred.

“I’ve never, ever used the harshest word as you did just then, and I try not to,” he said, before going on to argue that Mr. Bush “had not been candid” and had “misled” voters, and to assert that “it is important to tell the truth to the American people.”

Ah, euphemisms: So 2004. So quaint.

So, NYT writes, we should stop dancing around and call it what it is – lying…

Politicians have long referred to “lie” as “the L word” — in part because using the word could itself create a distracting dust-up — and instead have substituted words such as “disinformation” and “spin” and phrases like “a tactical view of the truth.” But cable television now chews over so-called political lies all the time, helping to make the word part of the news-cycle vernacular. And partisanship can be so intense that lying, as a denunciation, has flattened into just another charge.

A piece from Salon is on about the same thing:

Sept. 18, 2008 | Eight years after the travesty of the 2000 election, in which the media were prone to emphasize Al Gore’s exaggerations while letting George W. Bush off the hook, Republican politicians finally are being called out on their dishonesty. “The biggest liar in modern political history,” writes Michael Tomasky, the editor of the Guardian America, about John McCain.

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