When Populism Meets Elitism (Updated)

I have to admit that I do not understand the current economic crisis in the US. I’m an educated adult with some knowledge of how economies work in capitalism, I think I understand what “stocks” are and what “brokers” do and where this magical place called “market” is – and I even know that this “market” is not the same as “farmer’s market” – but still I’m at loss at how whatever is taking place started and how it continues to take place and where exactly that place is. That’s why my first reaction is to ask experts or, at the very least, read something by experts, but I quickly recover from that temptation and remember that apparently I as a member of the general public want my leaders to be “one of the people” or “just like us” – so I listen to some of them only to discover a strange strange thing…

Now the bearded man called her “the leading expert” (arguably citing someone else) – where exactly is she leading? Is there a person out there who can explain to me exactly what she just said? Is it just me or everything she says sounds like those things you often find in students papers – a lot of words that sound right but don’t really add up to anything intelligible? Wait, maybe I’m thinking about Leo Lawlor’s recent book? Never you mind…

P.S. Ask her about Russia! Since her “expertise” on energy comes from the simple fact that Alaska has some crude oil, I’m sure she will have plenty to say about Russia since it’s so close…

UPDATE: Finally, someone explains the clip – I now may continue with my usual activities…

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