New(ish) Genghis Tron Record: Is Good!

Lots of new music coming out lately, haven’t had time to listen to it much and since Paco pretty much 99.9% retired from informing the public about good stuff, I thought I’d mention this new(ish) great record from Genghis Tron called “Board Up The House” – it’s pretty good considering that GT’s previous work left me intrigued but not very impressed. I mean we will always have An Albatross or Agoraphobic Nosebleed, but this last work by GT is impressive: less grindcore and electronics, more good old fashioned rocking and yelling and generally making-noise material.

Clearly this is not your average metal record, but since the few readers of this blog are far from your average folks, I think this record might bring your joy and ultimate what’s-that-blasting-out-of-professor’s-office credit. Here’s you Pitchfork review:

Sure, “The Feast” is still a wild Agoraphobic Nosebleeder, getting by on the strength of the epileptic fits that won these guys the love of Relapse. But often the new, slightly more restrained Tron is capable of melding its poles-– the coarse grinds and the smooth electronics-– in much more convincing, cohesive ways. Take, for instance, the methodical beatdown of “City on a Hill”, a track that relies on dynamic building blocks (blastbeat, keyboard patch, blastbeat and keyboard, keyboard patch, sputtering outro) over sheer force to achieve the same end result.

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