Islam and the Secular State: The Immanent Frame Discussion

The Immanent Frame blog has a great discussion of Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im’s Islam and the Secular State here. Its nice to see that blogs serve purposes other than continual policing of meaning, narcissistic self-congratulation and annoying sharing of useless private information – I was going to link all those phrases to various examples, but then quickly realized that you don’t really need to go anywhere else to find them, just explore the contents of this particular blog.

The discussion opens with a post by Mark Juergensmeyer whose book on religious violence I’ve used for many of my classes and always find it to be a great source of information and theoretical engagement. 

An-Na’im is especially interested in reaching out to Muslims beyond the Arab heartland, such as those in North Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, who he believes are more receptive to alternative ways of conceiving of the role of shari’a in relation to the secular state.

For this reason, An-Na’im has created a website where chapters of the book are available in a variety of languages-Urdu, Bengali, Bahasha Indonesia, Persian, Turkish, Russian, and French, in addition to Arabic and English.

1 thought on “Islam and the Secular State: The Immanent Frame Discussion

  1. This is a good link, I approve. How’s that for some policing of meaning? Now onto the narcissistic self-congratulation: “Mikhail, you really know how to link to interesting things, but let me remind you that I too can and have in the past linked to far more interesting things.” Finally, for some useless and annoying sharing of private information: “Once while reading the Juergenmyser book in Hebrew translation on a Delta flight overseas I commented to the person sitting in the aisle seat next to me that I wish they would serve the cocktails already and he responded by saying he was an orthodox Heideggerean, turns out he was the former chair of the philosophy department somewhere in Ontario and wanted to hire me for a position without me even applying but ultimately his hands were tied. You know, politics, he said.”

    Do I win some sort of prize now?

    Actually, in all seriousness they’re having a very interesting discussion over there, it’s worth checking out. Thanks.

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