Ab Imperio: Empire and Nationalism Studies

Ab Imperio is a quarterly journal in the tradition of Russian “thick” journals as the editors themselves describe it in the interview to Logos here (PDF in Russian). Journal publishes essays in Russian, English, German, French and Ukranian, but it’s not an online publication and you need to subscribe to get full access. However, in connection with Open Society Institute it recently launched The Network of Empire and Nationalism Studies which provides information about conferences, grants, CFP and so on. If this is something you might be interested in, please read the announcement:

Dear colleagues,

With support from the Open Society Institute, New York, we are launching a new service that could become a useful tool for the international community of experts on the region of the former Soviet Union. We invite you to share information and explore our resources, and of course to join the network of readers of and contributors to Ab Imperio Quarterly.

Please visit the Scholarly Coop section of this site and submit information about yourself and your current research project, post requests for research assistants or inquire about local archives and housing options. You may post your messages by login to the site, or write directly to the moderator and editors at net@abimperio.net.

Ilya Gerasimov

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