Reading Catherine Malabou’s Les nouveaux blessés

UPDATE II (September 2009): The word on the (philosophical) street is that Fordham University Press will commission the English translation of  Les nouveaux blessés due to appear in some unknown future.

UPDATE I (June 2009): Unfortunately this project of Summer 2008 was never completed in terms of posting on all the chapters of this fascinating book – summer ended and so did my free time, plus things got a bit more complex in the second part of the book and rendering them into English was taking too much time. I do want to finish posting on this book though, and now I am told that Fordham is considering the book for a possible translation into English, I’ll give more details as I know more. If you are reading this book or about to read it and want to discuss it here, let me know and I will revive this enterprise.

These are some notes on Malabou’s book Les nouveaux blessés.

Part One – Introductory Matters

Part Two – Cerebrality vs. Sexuality: Malabou On Rethinking Psychoanalysis and Neurology.

Part Three – Neurological Subordination of Sexuality.

Part Four – No Regulation Without Representation.

Part Five – Cerebral Autoaffection Interrupted.

Digression I – Post-Traumatic Plasticity.

Part Six – Ruins of Identity: Irretrievable Damage

Part Seven – Neutralization of Cerebrality: What Is Psychic Event?

La Scala – Aida – Your Town – Awesomeness

Just a reminder to all why Italians think Verdi is the greatest opera composer (Americans like Puccini the best, according to the new issue of Opera News) – this is from the La Scala production that will be coming to your local theater (see my previous post below):

(video is a bit screwed up in the very beginning)

Levinas and the Materiality of Language

Fido the Yak has been reading all the yet unread Michel Henry articles sitting on my desk. In a recent post about Michel Henry and the intertwining of self, others, world and language, “Existence Says,” Fido the Yak writes

Nominalization (or reference) hardly begins to describe what language does or is. Reference is petty. Unconcealing is petty. This judgment is the basis of my profound disagreement with Henry. The language of the world is not indifferent: not to the things it names, nor to the world, nor to speakers nor listeners, nor to itself, nor to the operations, feelings, entities, assemblages nor intertwinements it brushes up against. This is of course a crude way of phrasing things. There are languages and there are worlds, and before we can ever come to a question of whether a language is its own world, which may not be to say that it is enclosed or isolated, we stumble across the question of what a language is (or does). We should probably say “does” at this point to give speaking precedence over Speech or Language (*language) though it may raise a question of whether the epoché says anything, whether it is speaking or speech, the saying or the said or an altogether different sort of operation.

I can’t help but note (read into?) a veiled reference to Levinas here and thought of Levinas’s own comments regarding sincerity and Saying. Continue reading

Tsvangirai Pulls Out of the Runoff Election in Zimbabwe.

It’s a wise decision, I think, Mugabe and his supporters in power showed that they’re not leaving under any circumstance so whatever was going to take place on June 27th was clearly not a democratic election – with African countries failing at any sort of action against Mugabe and his cronies killing off the opposition leaders, it’s the only right thing to do:

NY Times: ”Conditions as of today do not permit the holding of a credible poll,” Tsvangirai said. ”Given the totality of these circumstances, we believe a credible election is impossible. We can’t ask the people to cast their vote on June 27 when that vote will cost their lives. We will no longer participate in this violent sham of an election.”

Mugabe is old and surely these are his last days, but those who support him now, those who robbed the people of Zimbabwe, those who think that violence and intimidation are the way to rule should probably think twice and look around at, for example, the results of the first round – people want change and they will get it eventually because if we learned anything in the 20th century it is the fact that no power is able to hold on to its position without popular approval.

Russia vs. Netherlands on ABC (US) 2:30PM Eastern

UPDATE 3: Netherlands score – 1:1

UPDATE 2: (56th minute) RUSSIA SCORES! Pavlyuchenko !!!! His third goal in this competition!

UPDATE 1: First half is over and Russia is looking great although it’s still 0:0 – attacking the goal and dominating the midfield; Dutch can’t really get their game going and missed a couple of easy scoring chances…

I know, I know – there must be nothing exciting going on in the sports in the US of A since ABC is showing Russia-Netherlands game in about 1.5 hours, but that’s great news for me! In any case, join me if you have nothing better to do this great Saturday afternoon: