Old Russian To New Mexico: Travelogue?

As I am looking at some photos of places to visit while on a trip to Santa Fe, I thought maybe I’ll take my blogging on the road, but then after I wrote the subject-line the idea lost its appeal, so here are some photos of this strange place called New Mexico (reminds me of Mr. Burns’ exclamation: “Hold on there, pally! There’s New Mexico?”) that I’m looking forward to seeing:

9 thoughts on “Old Russian To New Mexico: Travelogue?

  1. Santa Fe is nice, you just have to get past the touristy aspect of the city with all the summer tourists with fanny packs. I’d check out the Georgia O’Keefe museum and there are of course, hot springs to check out as well.

  2. As I see it you have three options:

    1. Speak with a New York accent (you’ll fit right in) and be sure to unreasonably demand that you are provided with a copy of the New York Times at your hotel and/or campsite. Also complain about how hot it is and how there aren’t any bagel places.

    2. If you had a copy of, I don’t know, any title in theology sticking out of your fanny pack I’d just scratch the whole thing–not only would you be a dorky tourist, you’d be a churchy dorky tourist, the worst kind. I’ve witnessed them firsthand in Jerusalem and central America, yucky.

    3. Play up your boorish Russian persona, instead of ordering margarita’s in the plaza drink too much vodka and go on and on about how strong Russia is by using the phrase “Fuck 4th of July bullsheeeet.”

  3. Yeah go with #3 and quote long passages of Dostoevsky in the native tongue with a booming vodka tainted voice. that will get their attention and even the universal scales up a bit!

    but on a less serious note, i love that part of the U.S. (i’m Canadian myself, but used to live in Texas and my brother lives in L.A.). i strongly recommend that if you have the chance head up to Taos and even better Rancho de Taos. That’s the area where Georgia O’Keefe lived. I camped out on the Ghost Ranch for a week or two once and it was spectacular hiking around there (no one was around back in those days so we just pitched a tent, but i don’t think you’ll get away with that now). Suddenly you realise that O’Keefe was a realist painter, it’s the landscape that is abstract. In case you don’t know, the Ghost Ranch was owned by Mabel Dodge Luhan, and a lot of interesting folks spent time there including D.H. Lawrence and Dennis Hopper wrote Easy Rider at her house in Taos.

  4. Oh and there are some interesting kivas and cliff dwellings in the area as i remember. i believe they were in Frijoles Canyon. and of course there is the vast complex of Chaco Canyon. i wish i had my old photos scanned, i’d send you pics including some fascinating rock art.

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