Reading Catherine Malabou’s Les nouveaux blessés

UPDATE II (September 2009): The word on the (philosophical) street is that Fordham University Press will commission the English translation of  Les nouveaux blessés due to appear in some unknown future.

UPDATE I (June 2009): Unfortunately this project of Summer 2008 was never completed in terms of posting on all the chapters of this fascinating book – summer ended and so did my free time, plus things got a bit more complex in the second part of the book and rendering them into English was taking too much time. I do want to finish posting on this book though, and now I am told that Fordham is considering the book for a possible translation into English, I’ll give more details as I know more. If you are reading this book or about to read it and want to discuss it here, let me know and I will revive this enterprise.

These are some notes on Malabou’s book Les nouveaux blessés.

Part One – Introductory Matters

Part Two – Cerebrality vs. Sexuality: Malabou On Rethinking Psychoanalysis and Neurology.

Part Three – Neurological Subordination of Sexuality.

Part Four – No Regulation Without Representation.

Part Five – Cerebral Autoaffection Interrupted.

Digression I – Post-Traumatic Plasticity.

Part Six – Ruins of Identity: Irretrievable Damage

Part Seven – Neutralization of Cerebrality: What Is Psychic Event?

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